Between Hope & Hype

Between Hope & Hype

Dec. 2017

30 Million individuals worldwide are in need of prosthetic limbs. 90 percent of those live in developing countries. My photographic project aims to shed light on the discrepancy between the first world’s regulations of prosthetics with that of the developing world’s needs.


In a NGO-based hospital in Uganda a 3D printing study has been conducted applying a 3D printed socket to 30 study participants during a month-long trial. 6000 kilometres away in Germany, patients are not allowed trial of a newly invented assistive device without the ethics commission approval.


This work investigates the current situation of people in need of prosthetic limbs, the reasons for limb loss, the hopes into 3D technology in regard to prostheses and whether 3D printing is an answer to the question how to give access to mobility and independency though prostheses to people in need.

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