Between Hope & Hype

30 Million individuals worldwide are in need of prosthetic limbs. 90 percent of those live in developing countries. My photographic project aims to shed light on the discrepancy between the first world’s regulations of prosthetics with that of the developing world’s needs.

Jessy receives a new leg

Jessy, 13, lives in Uganda and has lost a lower leg in an accident when he was six years old. - Thanks to a clinical study about prosthesis from a 3D printer, he can run again.

The Midwifes from Calais

Organised by Gynacologists Without Borders, a french organisation, midwifes volunteer to care for woman, girls and new borns in the refugee camps in and around Calais.

Where Poverty Makes Sick

33 million people in the United States of America have no health insurance. 

In Appalachia – in the eastern USA – the need is greatest. An estimated 180,000 people in various circumstances are excluded from regular health care.

Chess for Life

In a chess academy in Katwe, a slum of Kampala, Volunteers distribute lunch and give free lessons in chess to children. They compare the chess game with the life: “only who predicts, reaches the goal in the end”. 

Beyond the Sounds of Castañets

What is life like when the crisis descends upon your country? When banks have to be bailed out to the tune of 100 billion euros? When at the same time the unemployment rate is 27 per cent? Is it worth fighting when everything seems to be conspiring against you?